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Prepare Your Team for 2017

2016 is quickly wrapping up and Kenyon wants to help you plan for 2017! Book your 2017 crisis management courses before 1st December 2016 to reap the rewards and get ahead on next year’s crisis planning.*

Choose any two of the courses listed below and receive an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) review free-of-charge

Choose any three courses and receive a 50% discount on the least expensive course


12 Principles of Crisis Management

Learn from Kenyon’s experience at multiple crisis events. If you can respond and manage the range of consequences that result from an incident then you can manage the response, regardless of the size or type of event that caused the crisis. Spend a full day with our expert consultants as they share the 12 functional areas that every organization should plan for, so that your team can effectively manage the consequences of any incident.

Humanitarian/Special Assistance Team Member

Train your front-line staff to manage the needs of families in the immediate aftermath of an emergency where loved ones have been affected.

Crisis Management Center Operation

Prepare your staff to fill a Crisis Management Center role during the immediate, difficult and high-pressure response period following an incident.

Airline Response (Go) Team

Prepare your Go Team for deployment; bolster the confidence of your team and address how the team is an essential element of achieving the company’s response objectives.

*A 50% deposit will be invoiced in 2016

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