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Calle Sánchez y Sánchez # 16,
esquina Avenida Tiradentes,
Ensanche Naco
Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
Phone: +1 809 616 0330
Fax: +1 809 908 0140

Santo Domingo: Office space provided within Laurus International call center, as well as Conference Room availability during incident activation with worldwide access and supporting equipment.

Kenyon Dominican Republic office is the KICC (Kenyon International Call Center) for all worldwide incidents/disasters in liaison with the UK, AUS, and US offices.

The office also supports the recruitment, training and retraining of assigned Kenyon Agents and Managers, as well as providing support and local resources for Kenyon operations in the event of regional incidents.

Dominican Republic    
Jahaira Guzman Call Center Services Manager  
Anyely Ventura Call Center Support Specialist