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Introducing the Latest in Data Management:
The Kenyon Response® Family Contact Web Form

2 April 2019 | Bracknell, United Kingdom

Kenyon is constantly looking for new ways to improve upon the disaster management processes, especially in areas that help anyone directly affected by an incident. When we identified the need for a system to efficiently cover data collection and management, we developed Kenyon Response®. This software has, for years, helped ensure those impacted by a Client’s incident needed place only one call to access support. It was the first of its kind… and now, taking on changes in our digital world, we have made it even more user-friendly.

The Family Contact Web Form is our latest, ground-breaking addition to our data management system. Given we live in a world where obtaining and sharing information happens in seconds, this Contact Web Form supports that demand. Working alongside the traditional, toll-free phone numbers, the Form opens up another data collection channel to handle incident-related personal information. For those who cannot phone in, speak a foreign language or who only have access to a web-based device, the Form makes it possible to connect with those managing an incident.

“We took our time with the development of the Contact Web Form because we wanted to get it just right. Our focus, as ever, is finding ways to help those affected by crises or disaster and, with that in mind, ensuring our Clients have the resources to do so. This is why we asked some of our Clients for their assistance during the testing phase,” Kenyon Director, Call Centre Services Janie Moreno states. “Their feedback was essential and proved to be a confirmation that the Contact Web Form will be of significant value during an incident.”

The Contact Web Form can work in tandem with the inbound phone lines for mass fatality incidents, major events or by itself, supporting smaller, more targeted or non-fatal events. Should an incident occur then, with just a small bit of free coding, Clients who retain our Call Centre Services can make this option available on their website or, if activated, a dark site. It offers loved ones the opportunity to instantly submit their contact information in support of the person they are enquiring about. Once submitted, the Contact Web Form is automatically uploaded into Kenyon Response® for consolidation and, if necessary, support can be activated.

“In any incident, there are vast amounts of data to manage concerning those directly affected by it; gone are the days, therefore, where we should have to rely on telephones and emails to provide that information,” points out Kenyon CEO Simon Hardern. “This innovative electronic Contact Form will help deal with the overwhelming desire to establish whether a loved one is involved and, if they are, how support can be immediately accessed.”

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