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Kenyon Completes Phase One of Intensive Crisis Management Training

11 April 2019 | Bracknell, United Kingdom

Kenyon International Emergency Services

Just ahead of the Easter break, the Full-Time Staff at Kenyon’s Bracknell Office have finished the first half of an intensive 12-week training package provided by the Company Chairman, Robert A. Jensen. Given he has been to more air disasters and other major loss-of-life incidents than likely any other living person, he has proven to be the ideal teacher. We have delved into the many complexities of delivering a comprehensive and timely incident response, using examples to determine what represents best practise … and what does not!

We know we serve a large number of Clients whose competence, professionalism and skill in overseeing their own Emergency Response Plan really do help prepare the ground ahead of a possible incident. Our training has served to reconfirm the essence of what makes an incident response a good one: experience, equipment ready to go and well-trained people. Together with our 2,000 Team Members and the 50 Consultants, the Full-Time Staff at Kenyon are now even-more poised to bring the Company’s knowledge, experience and support to bear and, so it follows, given our Clients the confidence and reassurance that, if an incident does occur, we will work closely together to manage the consequences effectively.

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Bracknell Full-Time Staff undergoing Incident Management and Humanitarian Assistance Training.
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Incident Management and Humanitarian Assistance Training were parts 1 and 2 of the 12-Week programme.
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Kenyon Chairman Robert A. Jensen led the training, ensuring staff gained knowledge straight from the source.
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Staff were engaged throughout the entire programme.
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Kenyon CEO Simon Hardern and Kenyon COO Conor Prendergast were also in attendance for all 12 weeks.
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No department was left out. Here you see Operations, Executive and Customer Care Departments.
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Also in attendence were all of Commercial and Humanitarian Services Departments.

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