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Kenyon Contributes to British Charity Remembering Srebrenica

18 April 2019 | Bracknell, United Kingdom

Early this month, Kenyon sold a BV20 Müller Fluoroscopy with Image Intensifier and donated the £250 earned from the sale to UK charity Remembering Srebrenica.

The x-ray equipment was originally donated by the German Military to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in 1997 and was used extensively in the forensic investigation of the Srebrenica Genocide before being donated by ITCY to the Association of Forensic Radiographers (AFR) to support our forensic radiography response team from 2002-2003.

Since 2003, the equipment has been stored in our warehouse as part of our deployment equipment in association with AFR. With the assistance of Kenyon UK Operations Manager Iwan Witt, the equipment was recently sold to a film props company, Film Medical Services Ltd., after attempts to donate the in equipment to international museums were unsuccessful.

BV20 Müller Fluoroscopy with Image Intensifier
BV20 Müller Fluoroscopy with Image Intensifier
BV20 Müller Fluoroscopy with Image Intensifier

After its sale, Iwan was put in touch with the Remembering Srebrenica charity where he then facilitated the donation of the money earned from the sale to them.

Remembering Srebrenica is a British charitable initiative. It recognises that the UK has achieved a lot in terms of building a cohesive society, but discrimination, promotion of hatred, extremism, and exclusion persist, and citizens must play their part, no matter how large or small, to create a better and safer society for all.

The lesson from Srebrenica is that no society is invulnerable to prejudice and intolerance. Remembering Srebrenica’s vision is a society free from hatred. They work to achieve this goal by bringing communities together to REMEMBER Srebrenica through organising commemoration events in the UK; taking people on our “Lesson from Srebrenica” education visits programme to LEARN lessons from the survivors of the genocide; and creating Community Champions who PLEDGE to stand up to hatred and intolerance in their communities.

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