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Team Member Training Provided by Kenyon

Our Team Member program has reached record numbers and is continuing to grow. Team Members are the reason why Kenyon is able to respond for clients quickly and efficiently no matter the scale or location of a crisis.

You may have wondered a time or two how we can maintain such a large roster of experts and have them successfully deploy at any moment if they aren’t able to visit our offices for regular training. To ensure each Team Member understands Kenyon’s disaster management methods and best practices, we developed several avenues of training that can be accessed in any part of the world.

Kenyon Team Members
Kenyon Team Members on Deployment

Kenyon OnLine Learning Center

The Kenyon OnLine Learning Center enhances Team Members already developed skills and expertise and fits those skills into Kenyon’s proven methods of crisis management. It allows Team Members to have access to training no matter what part of the world they reside in. The specially designed modules are based on federal and government regulations, Interpol standards and our own fully developed and comprehensive crisis management training material that we attained through 112 years of accumulated operational experience. Team Members select course modules based on their career or educational field expertise relative to specific Team Member roles and functions.


In 2017, we began implementing webinars to not only train Team Members but to update them on general Kenyon events. To coincide with our Year of 12 Principles campaign for clients, we have scheduled a series of Team Member webinars for 2018 that will also focus on topics Team Members typically face during deployment. Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen is hosting the webinars, giving Team Members the opportunity to interact directly with one of the leading crisis management experts. So far this year we have hosted four webinars!


We realize that some prefer face-to-face training and the Associate led workshops we hold throughout the year are very popular. Our Associates are a team of experienced, multilingual subject matter experts and leaders in their respective fields. Like Team Members, they respond to incidents as needed; however, they also provide and facilitate training and consulting services across many industries where crisis and disaster management, auditing, planning, training and live exercises are needed on behalf of Kenyon. We hold workshops at our Bracknell, UK office, but we also hold them in various locations around the world to make it more convenient for Team Members to attend.

On-Site Training

Newer Team Members on their first deployments come to Kenyon already trained in their field of expertise. They have also typically made use of the educational resources we highlighted previously. We realize, however, that the best form of training can sometimes come right in the thick of things, which is why we make it a point to offer additional hands-on training to newer Team Members by full-time Kenyon staff as well as veteran Team Members during an incident response. People retain more information by actually physically doing the topics they’re learning and on-site training offers opportunities to do exactly that.

Properly trained Team Members help ease the transitions through crises, leaving our clients time to focus more on the people involved and less on logistics.