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How long have you been a part of Kenyon prior to your new role?

My experience with Kenyon began in 2000 when I deployed as a Team Member for Alaska Airlines, flight 261 in Southern California, USA. I was Senior Incident Director for all mortuary operations including repatriation, services and all related logistics. I also assisted as the Memorial Director for the services and memorial site. I’ve continued as a Kenyon Team Member for several other incidents, including as Logistics Director in Pennsylvania for the 9/11 attacks, and as Logistics Manager and Memorial Director for an incident in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. I also contributed as a Team Member, serving as a Senior Incident Director for an event in Algeria, Africa.

Tell us about where you’ll be working.

I am based out of Kenyon’s US office, but will travel frequently to the UK and other Kenyon global locations to further support our clients.

What’s one thing you were most proud of accomplishing at your last organization?

I believe that customer satisfaction is the very foundation and basis for which every decision is to be made in business. During my time at Service Corporation International, leading provider of death-care products and services, we provided care to our client families at the most difficult and sensitive time in their lives, just as Kenyon does. With passionate focus on customer service, I was extremely proud of my team when we received the J.D. Power President’s Award in recognition of dedication to service excellence including quality improvement, customer satisfaction and the development of enduring client relationships. The company joined an exclusive group of only twelve other companies to receive this esteemed award in J.D. Power’s 47-year history.

Tell us about a unique experience or opportunity in your career.

I was both privileged and honored to serve as Memorial Director for the funeral services for several world leaders and dignitaries. Being involved in a key role with a high profile funeral provides a very different perspective compared to traditional services. Each of these high-profile events included anywhere from 2 to 5 years of planning, practicing and orchestrating. The level of detail required is extraordinary, down to exactly where each person interacts, vehicles are positioned, earpiece radios connected with Secret Service, timelines, etc. When the event happens, the coordination is not only with the family, it also includes collaboration with local, state and federal governments, legal counsel, chief of staff and numerous vendors and providers of critical services.

When you're not at work, what do you enjoy doing?

I am married to my best friend, the most incredible and wonderful woman, and we have four children. When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending as many waking moments as possible together with my wife and children, whether it be on vacation, cheering them on at a sporting event or simply spending quality time together.