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Incident Care Team Workshop with Rail Delivery Group

According to the Rail Delivery Group website, “Britain’s railway is one of the safest and most intensively used rail networks in the world. The system is operated by a number of organisations with clearly defined roles that work closely together to deliver a successful railway for passengers, freight customers and the public.”

On 29 November 2016, Kenyon hosted members of the Incident Care Teams (ICT) from various train operating companies within the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) – an organization that brings together all passenger and freight operators across the UK. This collaborative event began with an introduction from Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen and RDG Operational Resilience Manager Peter Lovegrove and quickly led into a discussion of Kenyon’s and RDG’s current response plans and practices.

Kenyon and RDG exchanged information on incident response, information and data management (a key component in the overview), humanitarian response services and ICT response in managing the recovery and return of personal effects. Crisis communications and social media management were also discussed. The discussion ended with an office and warehouse tour of Kenyon’s Bracknell facilities, where members of RDG were able to see first hand how Kenyon manages response equipment and processes personal effects following an incident.

The group was made up of Kenyon executives and ICT representatives from Eurostar, Greater Anglia, Govia Thameslink Railway, Heathrow Express, London Midland, Mersy Rail, MTR Crossrail, ScotRail and South West Trains.

The varying levels of member seniority proved to be extremely beneficial for two reasons: it provided the newer/junior personnel an opportunity to learn while senior personnel shared meaningful experience and also received practical considerations to take back to their individual train operating companies.

Although Kenyon has a long-standing partnership with RDG, formerly the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC), this was the first collaborative training of its kind with the group. The information and feedback exchanged made for a successful day for all involved.

"The SAT training insight was really interesting and informative, I really enjoyed the content and the delivery by Gail and [Robert]. It was a pleasure to sit in on a session where the subject matter truly came off the page."
- Airline Official

"The training day was fantastic, Robert’s knowledge and delivery was first class, every session was totally absorbing and so informative. I would definitely be interested in a ending any courses in the future."
- Airport Officer

UKAEPG Trains with Kenyon

On 6th and 7th December 2016, Kenyon was pleased to host members from the United Kingdom Airlines Emergency Planning Group (UKAEPG) for crisis management training at our UK office in Bracknell.

The Kenyon training facilities were full with representatives from airlines and airports from across the UK and further afield – an airline even joined us from Canada!

Kenyon Associate Gail Rowntree and Kenyon CEO Robert Jensen talked about assisting families and employee welfare after a crisis from both the airline and airport perspective. They also shared insights into challenges to expect after an incident.

The importance of data management, family websites and strong leadership were discussed amongst the groups. A Heathrow Airport official shared the following after the event, “We really found the day useful and also a valuable opportunity to meet other colleagues and appreciate the shared issues and learnings from the day. In particular, I found the sharing of Kenyon’s first hand experiences after an aircraft incident extremely helpful – raising questions to consider in relation to our contingencies, for example, in the event of runway clearance/when the aircraft has been released for moving/weather considerations and access to holds, etc.”

We recognize that organizing training can sometimes be a challenge due to releasing large numbers of staff at one time. Kenyon is sensitive to this challenge and works closely with clients to schedule training sessions that provide the most value.

We are pleased that the event was a success and look forward to seeing everyone again in the near future.