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ask a kenyon

Dear Kenyon,

We are a relatively large airline with offices near to our main operating hub. If we had an incident at the airport here, how long would it be before Kenyon arrived on-site to assist with the families (who would likely be waiting in arrivals) and survivors?

Station Manager Sally

Dear Sally,

Shortly after the initial phone call to activate Kenyon, you would receive a call from a member of our senior executive team who would advise and recommend the appropriate plan of action considering the circumstance. We would immediately begin transportation for First Responders to your office and incident site. If you require Kenyon to deploy Special Assistance Teams (SATs), depending on location, they will arrive as soon as possible.


Additionally, it is important to remember that we may recommend establishing a family assistance center (FAC) at a location other than near the accident location. Many factors go into making a recommendation on when and where to establish a FAC, which may include recommending more than one location. Our goal will be to provide you with the best advice at the time given the incident details.

To mitigate possible delays in care, it is essential that your internal staff have SAT training, and that your station management team is trained to immediately set up a Survivor Reception Center. Kenyon moves quickly, but if there is an accident on the runway at your hub, we will not be there as quickly as you – you cannot and the families will not wait for us to arrive.

Harry Griffiths - Account Manager

We’re happy to walk through scenarios with you to discuss how and who will respond. Likewise, Kenyon’s experienced training associates can help your team identify and fill any gaps in your emergency plans. Please let me know if I can provide further assistance or information about our response capabilities and training offerings.


Harry Griffiths,
Account Manager