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Kenyon Celebrates 110 Years

1 July marked the 110th Anniversary of Kenyon's international emergency response efforts.

In the Salisbury rail crash of 1 July 1906, a London and South Western Railway (LSWR) boat train heading from Plymouth's Friary railway station to London Waterloo station failed to navigate a very sharp curve at the eastern end of Salisbury railway station. The curve had a speed limit of 30 mph, but the express had been traveling at more than 70 mph. The train was completely derailed. It crashed into a milk train and a light engine, killing 28 people. There is a memorial tablet to the 28 dead (including the driver, two firemen and the guard) in Salisbury Cathedral. (Source: Wikipedia)

Harold and Herbert Kenyon, sons of J.H. Kenyon, were asked to assist with the recovery of the deceased, making this the first official incident response and also the first international repatriations by what is now Kenyon International Emergency Services. "Kenyons," as we were and still are called, were often referred to as the fourth blue light service, for reliably and ably returning the deceased to their families all over the world. 110 years later, Kenyon continues to provide specialist personnel, equipment, systems and advice at incidents worldwide - particularly those involving loss of life.

Thank you for being part of 110 years of history - we are honored to have over 500 clients globally entrust us with their emergency response needs.