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United Kingdom Local Authorities

Civil Contingencies Act 2004

Kenyon is proud to partner with over 70 county, district, borough and city councils across the United Kingdom. These municipal organizations are responsible for services such as education, transport, planning, libraries, social care, waste management, public safety, and civil contingency.

Kenyon partners with the authorities in support of their obligations under the UK Civil Contingencies Act 2004 for emergency response planning. In the event that a local authority is stretched beyond capacity, Kenyon will provide experienced advisors as well as additional facilities such as a temporary mortuary and the personnel to support it. Kenyon will also assist with humanitarian support services as needed to assist the authorities in caring for affected families.

Kenyon has provided this service on several occasions for maritime, rail, and air disasters. Kenyon also works directly with the UK police on Disaster Victim Identification matters and with the Foreign Commonwealth Office to assist when UK nationals are involved in events in other countries.