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Test your Knowledge

1. What year did Robert Jensen join Kenyon International?
a. 1998
b. 1997
c. 1897
d. 1988

2. Kenyon does not respond to incidents for which circumstance:
a. Non contracted companies
b. Maritime disasters
c. Harsh conditions
d. Low fatality rate

3. Kenyon offers services to save the whales
a. True
b. False

4. Repatriation of bodies falls under which Kenyon Service:
a. Disaster Human Services
b. Disaster Recovery Services
c. Family Assistance Center
d. Disaster Mental Health Response

5. Missing Persons Registration call center falls under which Kenyon service:
a. Media Call Center
b. Crisis Communication Services
c. Legal Advisory Services
d. Kenyon International Call Center

6. Per the Team Member contract the term “activation notice” means what?
a. You have received notice that Kenyon is activated to respond to an incident.
b. You have received notice that you are deploying.
c. You have received notice that you must get off the couch and be more active.
d. I don’t know because I never signed a contact so I must contact Kathy to make sure mine is active.

7. Per the Team Member Handbook, updating your contact information, passport and credentials is to be completed by:
a. Signing into your profile and updating your information.
b. Team Member Management will reach out once per year to each Team Member to chase this information.
c. GPS systems will automatically update Team Member profiles via satellite.
d. If the GPS systems are down, mental telepathy can be used.

Answers: 1. (a), 2. (a), 3. (False: although we do support the whales!), 4. (a), 5. (d), 6. (a), 7. (a)

Common Acronyms

Here are some common acronyms used in the field you might hear and want to familiarize yourself with:

LOA = Letter of Activation
BAC = Bank Account Details
MH = Mental Health
PE = Personal Effects
NOK = Next of Kin
SAR = Search and Recovery
DVI = Disaster Victim Identification
PAX: Passenger
HOR: Home of Record