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A message from Team Member Management

Dear Team Members,

I speak to Team Members a lot in my daily work. Often times, I hear them state they are “excited “to be a part of the Kenyon Team or they are “excited” they are being deployed. As soon as that word rolls off their tongue almost everyone apologizes for admitting they are experiencing feelings of excitement.

Want to know more about Kathy?

Is it wrong to feel excited to have just joined a disaster response team that specializes in mass fatalities? Is it wrong to feel feelings of excitement while preparing to deploy? Not at all!

The dictionary gives the definition of excited as: To stir up feelings of emotion.

Our emotions are “stirred up!” We all feel it when we get the call. The adrenaline starts to flow, the heart starts pumping and feelings of excitement start to swell up.

This excitement is different; it is not a happy excitement like winning the lottery or booking a dream vacation. These are feelings of excitement stirred by emotions; by being anxious, not knowing what is going to happen next, traveling to new destinations, meeting new people, different cultures, sights, sounds, smells and the challenges of participating in a strategic operation that revolves around a crisis and an overwhelming desire to help. If you do not feel ‘excited,’ you might want to check your pulse.

You are part of an elite team of disaster responders and are going to travel to destinations unknown to help others cope with tragedy. That is exciting!

Warmest Regards,
Team Member Manager