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Operational Update

Mental Health Telephone Line
Site Visit Memorial
Grenfell Tower Banner Cleaning

Barcelona, February 2019:
Kenyon activated to provide Mental Health Phone Support for a Client following a flight diversion to Barcelona, originally en route to Madrid from Krakow, after a passenger experienced a heart attack and fell unconscious. The crew provided CPR, but the passenger, unfortunately, did not survive.

Houston, February 2019:
Following the crash of a Client’s aircraft outside of Houston, Kenyon activated to provide all five services. The Kenyon International Call Centre took calls from the families/friends of the three Persons Directly Affected (PDA) involved in the incident. The Media Call Centre took calls from the media and worked closely with Crisis Communications to assist the Client with producing statements, reviewing marketing material and providing answers to frequently asked questions. Disaster Human Services activated to set up a Family Assistance Centre, staffed with Special Assistance Team Members, a safe distance away from the incident to support the families and to provide Ante-Mortem resources, Conference Bridge facilities and Mental Health support. Disaster Recovery Services were also activated to help provide Personal Effects processing.

Mozambique, February 2019:
Following two related terrorist attacks, one on a convoy carrying Client employees and subcontractors 12 miles from their complex and the other on a Client’s subcontractor’s building, Kenyon activated to provide Call Centre services. Of the 18 PDAs attacked, one passed away, two suffered minor injuries and two, sustaining major injuries, were medevacked to Johannesburg, South Africa. Kenyon provided four SAT Members to support the medevacked PDAs and their families. Kenyon also provided Logistic and Financial support until the PDAs were fit to return home. Two Mental Health Phone Support Lines were also provided for those involved in the incident and any Client employees who needed support.

London Grenfell Tower Fire, July 2017:
Personal Effects processing continues, though, with a smaller team. Several family visits have been completed in recent weeks, allowing the team to continue returning possessions to those involved in the incident. The team also cleaned and returned the memorial banners that hung on Grenfell Tower. Work is now commencing on the processing of electronic items recovered from the tower.