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SAT Skills

Special Assistance Team (SAT) members are often the first personal contact a family member has with the organisation involved in an incident. They are the conduit between the families, designated authorities, the investigation, mortuary affairs and the incident management centre. SAT members do not exclusively work in the Family Assistance Centre (FAC). They can also provide assistance in hospitals, airports, mortuaries and family homes for non-travelling families. Being selected to work as a SAT member, although challenging, is personally rewarding.

The qualities of a SAT member could mean the difference between a family member taking the elementary steps required to finding their new normal or stagnating in hopelessness, frustration and grief. Kenyon provides comprehensive SAT training but, apart from training, there are 10 personal traits and qualities that a competent SAT member must have. The list below is not exhaustive but aims to highlight those core qualities and attributes:

1. Good Verbal and Written Communication

2. Empathy

3. Initiative

4. Positivity

5. Vigilance

6. Selflessness and Integrity

7. Physical and Mental Fitness

8. A Team Player

9. Public Image Consciousness

10. Tolerance

Qualifications that Lend Themselves to this Role

There are no specific qualifications required to be a SAT member apart from tailored SAT training. However, there are some professions that already have the core qualities required, such as:

1. Health Care Professionals

2. Social Workers

3. Teachers

4. Police Officers

5. Flight Attendants

6. Customer Care Agents

7. Special Assistance Personnel

8. Counsellors and Mentors

9. Family Liaison Officers

10. Funeral Directors and Funeral Officiants

“All I have to do in this business of airline emergency response is ask: How would I want to be treated. More importantly, how would I want my family to be treated?”

- Jim Hall, Former CEO NTSB