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A Word from Team Member Management

Dear Team Members,

I am very pleased to announce that the first module of the Kenyon Online Learning Center has been completed. This exclusive learning opportunity is a culmination of years of disaster management experience. Kenyon subject matter experts, including our CEO Robert A. Jensen, have scripted the content based on practical experience managing the most devastating of incidents. The combined knowledge of emergency response is world-renowned and respected by our clients, governments and the families we serve, and envied by our competitors.

Want to know more about Kathy?

You will learn how Kenyon manages an operation and what you can expect if you are deployed. The courses are not meant to teach you how to perform your unique skills, but rather prepare you to practice your already developed skills in the Kenyon approach to managing a mass fatality incident. In many incidents, you will be working in response to highly publicized events that affect hundreds of survivors and victims’ families.

This new learning experience is exclusive only to registered Team Members that have signed a current Team Member contract. The material in this program is proprietary and cannot be shared or duplicated.

In the future, when Kenyon is activated to respond to an event we will consider all Team Members for deployment; however, Team Members that have completed all the available courses will be called out first.

I cannot express how important this learning experience will be for you. Kenyon has worked very long and hard at making this innovative learning center a benefit to all of our Team Members. We sincerely hope you will gain valuable knowledge that will allow you to deploy with confidence and a feeling of certainty.

Please read the article in this newsletter about the implementation process for the roll out of the Learning Center.

There are a few quizzes in the material which you will be tested on! Here’s a little hint, “pay attention to the details.”

Good luck to everyone!

Kathy Ricker
Team Member Manager