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Iwan Witt
Operations Manager

Iwan Witt

Iwan started at Kenyon in 2016 as the Renewals Sales Specialist based in the Bracknell Office. In 2017, he transitioned to the Operations Department working his way up to Operations Manager.

Iwan is responsible for the Consultancy Program, overseeing Crisis Management Center (CMC) operations and managing crossover projects between global consultancy and operations.

Since joining Kenyon Iwan has been involved in a number of Operations both large and small typically performing the role of Base Support Director, arranging the teams and logistics required to support the operations.

Prior to Kenyon, Iwan completed his Masters in Forensic Archaeology at Bournemouth University and holds a BSc in Forensic Science and Psychology from Staffordshire University. He has experience completing archaeological investigations in Treblinka, Alderney and Dorset. Iwan’s hobbies include running, badminton and playing the tuba.

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