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Janus Venter

Funeral Director Janus Venter trained under the supervision of one of the most experienced licensed Funeral Directors in South Africa and has an impressive track record of providing efficient and appropriate services. He became Kenyon’s Team Member Regional Coordinator for Africa in September 2017.

Over 29 years of experience in the industry, he has a comprehensive understanding of what compassionate means. He has an exceptional ability to cultivate a comfortable environment for families when they are at their most vulnerable. Attention to detail, providing information and utilizing resources gives bereaved families peace of mind that their loved ones are taken care of. Venter has supervised more than 20,000 funerals. His training includes basic training in the defense force in South Africa, training in disaster management and acting as an assessor in the funeral industry at ATTI College. Venter is a qualified embalmer.

He is also a repatriation specialist and has been on two Kenyon deployments: 2010 Afriqiyah Airways disaster and 2013 LAM Airways disaster.

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