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Rola Arnaout

Rola Arnaout joined Kenyon in 2011 as the full-time Administrative and Customer Support Specialist for the Middle East & African Region. Based in Kenyon's Beirut office, she is responsible for the customer care and daily administrative operations in the regional office. In addition, she supports the commercial and marketing activities in the region as well as organizing and assisting in local and global office events. Rola is responsible for maintaining the client database in the region and organizing training courses for members, in coordination with Kenyon's specialist associates.

Rola considers that taking care of customers in the region and providing them with exceptional service and making sure they are satisfied, is not just another task on the list but a solid Kenyon commitment.

Before joining Kenyon, Rola worked for the Arab Air Carriers Organization in Beirut for six years where she assisted in the launch of several joint projects serving the interest of its member Arab airlines. Her experience covers a wide range of event management skills where she helped with the preparations and execution of the organization's meetings and publications besides the membership schemes. She later took responsibilities of the daily Human Resources operations in the organization. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Event, Travel and Hospitality Management.

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