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Executive Leadership

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Robert A. Jensen is the CEO of Kenyon International Emergency Services. He joined Kenyon in 1988, after service as US Military Officer. His career has been spent restoring order and leading transitional change after crisis for blue chip companies and governments. He leads Kenyon, a 100+ year-old multi national corporation, retained by over 580 leading businesses and governments. Kenyon provides crisis management response and consulting services to these organizations representing the transportation, hospitality, tourism, natural resource, education, and financial sectors as well as government agencies tasked with looking after their citizens at home and abroad.

Robert leads CEOs, Boards of Directors, and government officials through the practical areas of response and recovery - the legal, humanitarian and communications challenges. He focuses on the transition of people, leadership and organizations from what was normal to the new normal, in the process preserving and recovering share value, reputation and market position.

He has directed and been involved in response and recovery efforts for numerous international large-scale crises, typically terrorist attacks, criminal and civil investigations, natural disasters, and countless transportation accidents – most involving large scale loss of life. These have included complex events such as bombings in Oklahoma City, the UN Headquarters in Baghdad, Bali nightclubs, the 9/11 attacks, seizure of the In Amenas gas plant, the Tunis beach attacks, the Boxing Day Tsunami, the Haitian Earthquake, and multiple large scale aircraft, rail, and maritime disasters.

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Mr. Brandon D. Jones joined Kenyon in 2013 as a partner and joint owner. He leads an international corporation that provides disaster management services to air, maritime and rail interests as well as a local, state and national governments. Mr. Jones brings extensive business experience from the private corporate sector has managed multiple acquisitions and mergers, change management initiatives and company reorganizations. He drives programs and initiatives that best position Kenyon for strategic, targeted growth with a continued focus on meeting the needs for current clients and partners.

As COO, Mr. Jones leads Kenyon’s corporate services, including Finance & Risk Management, Human Resources and Information Technology. Additionally, he leads the communications programs and services within Kenyon including a global network of Crisis Communications professionals offering auditing, planning, training and operational support for clients as well as internal Kenyon marketing and public relations efforts.

Additionally, Mr. Jones deploys with Kenyon as needed to work on behalf of clients during a crisis. His operational experience includes several mass fatality accidents, coordinating information sharing and communications between clients and various local and national government agencies involved.

Sean Gates profile

Sean Gates is regarded by many as the best aviation lawyer in the world. In 2013, he retired from aerospace niche law firm Gates and Partners and is now a non-practicing solicitor. As Senior Vice President of Legal Services, Sean is available as part of Kenyon’s Legal Advisory Service, providing expert opinion and legal counsel in the immediate aftermath of an accident to Kenyon retained clients world wide.

In a career spanning more than 30 years, Sean has acted for airlines and their insurers as lead counsel in the aftermath of a significant number of aviation disasters. Since 1998, Sean has been the Legal Adviser to the International Union of Aviation Insurers (IUAI), an organization comprised of the world's leading aviation insurers. Sean also shares his expertise as Honorary Legal Adviser to the British Air Transport Association (BATA) and as Legal Counsel of the European Regions Airlines Association (ERAA).


Robert Rowntree joined Kenyon in 2001 and has been involved in a wide variety of deployments worldwide. He led Kenyon’s response for major air accidents in France, Russia, Dubai, Namibia, Italy, Libya, Canada and Algeria. He led the response to a terror attack in Tunis, a maritime incident near Christmas Island, and the earthquake in Haiti, among many other incidents. His varied and global leadership and operational experience set him apart as a true expert in mass fatality response.

For more than 35 years, Robert has worked toward ensuring total support for families. As such, he has undertaken extensive projects around personal effects. Robert believes that supporting families is one of the most important elements of an operation. He has a passion for providing true and honest information and treating affected loved ones with respect and dignity.

Before joining Kenyon, Robert worked in the funeral industry for 25 years. He is a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. Robert has held the position of National President of the British Institute of Funeral Directors and the Cooperative Funeral Service Managers, and is an active member of the Emergency Planning Society.

Additionally, Robert is a qualified tutor and trainer. He recently achieved a BA (hons) in Business Management and Administration. Robert is regularly asked to speak at conferences, organizational seminars and workshops on topics around disaster management and operations and currently serves as a Guest Lecturer at a number of UK Universities on Post Graduate programs.


Lawrence W. Michael joined Kenyon as a Team Member in 2000 and became the company’s Vice President, Commercial Services in 2016. His experience with Kenyon began with a deployment for Alaska Airlines where he was the Senior Incident Director for all mortuary operations and the Memorial Director for the services and memorial site. He continued as a Kenyon Team Member for several other incidents where his responsibilities ranged from logistics to memorial services. As Vice President, Commercial Services, he is responsible for the commercial sales of Kenyon’s services and the maintenance of excellent customer relations.

Prior to working for Kenyon, Michael spent 27 years in the funeral, cemetery and crematory profession. While he held and excelled in every position within those businesses, his last 23 years were spent in operations and large-market sales leadership roles at Service Corporation International (SCI).

Michael received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, cum laude, from California Lutheran University. Prior to that, he received his Certificate of Mortuary Science from Cypress College. Michael is also a licensed embalmer and funeral director in the states of California, Illinois and Indiana. Additionally, he holds the licenses of Cemetery Salesperson, Cemetery Manager and Crematory Manager in California.

Mazen Bekdash has been with Kenyon since April 2010. He has served as Vice President of Commercial Services since 2016, responsible for managing all of Kenyon's business programs. Mazen began his career at Kenyon serving as the Regional Manager for the Middle East, Africa and Indian Subcontinent, where he continues to lead the Kenyon regional office located in Beirut, Lebanon. His first deployment with Kenyon was to Tripoli in Libya following an aircraft accident in May 2010. Since then, Mazen has gained a supporting operations role in the region.

Prior to joining Kenyon, Mazen held the position of Senior Manager Technical at the Arab Air Carriers Organization where he was instrumental in coordinating safety and emergency response projects for 24 member airlines.

Mazen also worked for Emirates, Qatar Airways, and the Lebanese Air Transport Association in Marketing, Quality Assurance, Training and Emergency Response Planning. He is a Management lecturer at several universities in Lebanon.

Mazen is currently pursuing his Doctoral studies in Management at Toulouse Business school. Additionally, he holds an MBA Degree in Aerospace Management from ESC-Toulouse, a BSc. in Business Studies from the Lebanese American University, a Diploma in Aviation Security Management from Edith Cowan University and Emirates Aviation College, an IATA Diploma in Airline Studies and is a certified Aviation Security Professional Manager by ICAO and Concordia University. He is also an IATA Certified Professional Trainer and a Member of Royal Aeronautical Society (MRAeS).