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About Us

Kenyon International Emergency Services is a crisis and disaster management company, recognized as the world’s leader in providing crisis management services. Kenyon is the only private disaster management company with dedicated, full-time resources spread across four regional offices. Kenyon’s client base exceeds all our competitors combined and all Kenyon equipment is owned and maintained in preparation for immediate deployment. With over 100 years of experience responding to 340+ incidents, Kenyon guarantees first class resources, services and software to meet the demands of any incident.

In recent years we provided considerable resources to the Australian Government following the Asian Tsunami; body recovery expertise for the Governor of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and for the UN in the aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake. We have assisted with care for families, victims and their belongings at disasters in Africa, Greece, USA, Libya, India and Indonesia, to name a few.

Kenyon services provide proven solutions to any event, regardless of the size, scale, and location of the incident. The following will highlight how Kenyon can provide full crisis management support to any and all Kenyon clients following any type of incident. This includes:

  • Disaster Recovery Services including search and recovery of human remains, all morgue processes, forensic disaster victim identification using the Plass Data system, worldwide repatriation and memorials. Also included are comprehensive personal effects management including search, recovery, inventory, storage and return to families.

  • A unique international call center service able to activate within 30 minutes, manage over 30,000 calls in 24 hours, offering inbound and outbound capability in 197 languages and possessing unparalleled real-incident experience.

  • Over 1,700 Kenyon specialists able to mobilize and manage all ‘On-Site’ disaster operations. Includes managing or coordinating the identification, processing and compassionate return of victims and their belongings, establishing a central location to coordinate the efforts of governments and agencies and service the emotional and practical needs of people directly affected by the incident.

  • An unrivalled Family Assistance Service. This truly global service provides over 1,000 specialists, 60 Mental Health professionals and $1,500,000 worth of equipment to help both the client personnel and all affected families recover from a disaster.

  • A single, web-based and state of the art crisis management software solution, Kenyon Response™. Ensuring the client and all can remain abreast of all incident expectations, instantly liaise with multiple agencies, coordinate entire teams and provide real time information at the touch of a button.

  • Media management support to ensure the client remains the credible source of information for local and national press. Maintain a proactive and systemised approach to absorb the multi-dimensional network of media pressure points and most importantly help senior executives communicate with families and employees impacted by the disaster.

  • A world-class team of Crisis Communications professionals based in key locations around the world. Kenyon’s Crisis Communications team include award-winning journalists and current and former executive level communications leaders from organizations such as Boeing, United Airlines and the BBC. Their extensive industry knowledge supports Kenyon clients in dealing with communications issues after an accident or major incident.

  • Finally, a consultancy program solely built around Kenyon’s vast experience. Planning services evolving from tried and tested mechanisms, training courses delivered by disaster experienced professionals, exercise scenarios created through the eyes of operational proficiency and assessments guided by Kenyon’s best practice standards.

  • Kenyon is different than our competitors. Kenyon has responded to disasters and fully engaged all services on offer. Kenyon has delivered countless consultancy programs globally. Kenyon is the only private organization with a fully managed and preserved response, consultancy and software capability. This helps to exhibit why over 500 businesses and governments, from all over the world, choose Kenyon as their disaster management partner.