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Crisis Management Systems Audit

It is good business practice for companies to undergo a comprehensive audit of their crisis management system including plans, procedures and staff training. Such an audit should be conducted by auditors with real-world experience of crisis who can critically examine a company's stated capability against best practice standards.

Kenyon will provide a thorough review of the company's crisis management organization, procedures, infrastructure and resources. This includes a risk assessment, examination of relationships and protocols with external partners, subsidiaries and suppliers.

The objective of the crisis management systems audit will be to:

  • Provide management with an assessment of the plans effectiveness, reviewing its scope, completeness and state of readiness in the event the plan needs to be activated.

  • Identify internal controls and deficiencies that could affect the implementation of the plan along with its impact on the reputation and branding of the company.

  • The audit will allow a company to build on its crisis management plan and utilize it as a working document. In addition, it will provide detailed feedback so that the company can evaluate its internal resources and adjust accordingly to meet the objectives of the plan and its implementation.

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