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Crisis Communications Training

Kenyon offers a team of experienced, multilingual communications professionals who are trained to develop and provide a tailored training program that compliments your company's crisis management plan.

The training program is designed to help develop the skills and knowledge needed for people to become spokesperson(s) for your company. The training is structured around CEOs and senior management executives to prepare them to give a briefing or press conference following an incident.

The program focuses on several major areas:

  • One-on-one time with the CEO and senior executives in preparing them for a press conference.

  • Live face-time in front of a camera with a reporter asking questions.

  • Considering real time scenarios that have occurred in the past and how to work through them

  • Work on developing a communications style for the CEO and senior executives on how to present themselves in front of families or others during a crisis event.

  • Work with your company's corporate communications team and how to be prepared for a crisis event.

  • The one-day initial course has two separate modules. Module One considers the role of executives and their communication strategy following a crisis. Multiple actual case studies are reviewed and appropriate techniques for various scenarios are considered. Module Two includes several on-camera exercises to prepare spokespersons for the reality of interviews in a highly charged environment. This program and course is successful in educating and preparing CEOs and senior management employees on how to prepare for press conferences and face the media.