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Crisis Line Service

Crisis Line provides a single centralised telephone number for your employees to report an incident.

Too many incidents and near misses are not reported. This is either because there is no reporting process, because it takes too long or because the employee is not confident that they will be listened to. The results of inaction can be that incidents become crises, local resources are overwhelmed, communications are strained and management are uninformed. Kenyon Crisis Line solves all of these problems.

Kenyon provides a single 24 hour telephone number. This is distributed by the client company to its employees or selected employee groups with guidelines for reportable incidents. At the time of an incident the employee reports to Crisis Line. Each call is received by a crisis-trained professional agent who reassures the caller and makes a rapid assessment of the situation. Details of the incident are then relayed immediately to client-company management in accordance with protocols established between Kenyon and the client for call handling. The minimum criteria for low-category incidents would be an email or SMS to management with the incident details. For high-category incidents, Kenyon agents would immediately call the client management and persist until direct contact had been established. Kenyon Crisis Line also provides detailed reports allowing clients to review the number, detail, location and duration of each call.

The immediate benefits of Crisis Line is that your employees feel empowered. They have tangible evidence that the Company will be alerted and take appropriate action if something goes wrong. This represents pro-active crisis management and reflects to stakeholders that the company understands its risks and values its reputation.