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Crisis Management Response Plan Writing

Having a well-balanced executable Crisis Management Response plan is critical to companies' daily operations. Sadly, many companies do not have response plans and believe that when the time comes they will know what to do. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Studies show that companies that are not prepared or do not have a plan have a higher percentage of failure then ones that do have a plan. The question is, was the plan ever written, reviewed or exercised.

Kenyon will develop a customized Crisis Management Response plan, which outlines the roles, responsibilities and actions of the all parts of your response organisation, and its interface with the multitude of other agencies that may be involved in your crisis.

Many plans are written and contain information that is not conducive to company policy or are too complicated. The Kenyon planning team will work directly with your staff to determine your recovery objectives, key crisis functions, communications protocols, crisis organisation and the roles of associated stake-holders. Kenyon plans are designed to be immediately user friendly because no-one in an emergency has the time to navigate endless volumes of rhetoric.

Included in the plans are multiple templates, 'how-to guides', examples of briefing material, lists of equipment and other useful check-lists. These templates are extremely helpful at the time of the crisis.

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