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Disaster Mental Health Response and Support

Kenyon Clients retaining Disaster Human Services have operational resources available to them at any time, internationally. Kenyon manages its resources based on the number of Clients, to maintain adequate availability worldwide. These resources are not available to non-Clients because of the significant cost in recruiting, training, equipping and maintaining their readiness.

Following rescue and lifesaving operations, the next vital step is caring for the survivors, friends and family members of those injured or killed. These critical functions transition towards business, community and individual recovery. However, it is an area that often overwhelms businesses and local government agencies. While business and government staff thrown into this task have the best intentions, they typically do not have the necessary experience, training or support staff behind them to address the unique challenges they will face.

In many cases such as commercial aviation loss, vessel sinking, rail accident, natural disaster or terrorist attack, the sheer number of people injured or killed, and the number of responders required simply overwhelms businesses and government agencies. In today's economy, the complexity of catastrophic disaster response requires multiple government and often non-governmental groups to provide family care.

For each person directly affected by the incident, typically 4-6 family members or friends may have an interest in their loved ones disposition and converge on the disaster scene. They will look to the most visible central party – the airline, hotel owner, cruise operator, tour operator, or public venue owner – for help, direction, and answers. In some cases the response and actions of local government and the responsible party are mandated by national or local laws.

Kenyon can help you be prepared to respond to and provide appropriate support to your employees, your customers and others directly impacted by the incident, especially families. After entering into a Client agreement, a dedicated full-time Family Assistance Manager and Kenyon Account Executive will work with you to create a unique activation plan tailored to meet your specific needs, identifying trigger points and key decisions best made ahead of time, as opposed to at the emotional time of an incident. This also ensures the Clients have the necessary tools to notify Kenyon and access Disaster Human Services at any time and place.

While many understand the need for technical expertise when it comes to the practical aspects of crisis management, few fully appreciate that the same applies to those people working directly with the survivors, families and friends. A well-meaning, but untrained person can cause enormous damage to the family with whom they are working, to themselves and the business or government they represent. Thorough prior training, gradual exposure and monitoring are vital to any disaster human services operation, and are hallmarks of the Kenyon program and Kenyon resources.