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Emergency Management Training Programs

Kenyon's 100 years of practical experience managing complex international crises has been channelled into the world's leading program of specialist training for emergency response and crisis management. As part of our wider program of consultancy services, Kenyon can provide training courses for all levels of staff, in most world countries and in many different world languages.

Our training philosophy is simple. If your staff are not day-to-day involved in crisis management activities then they need to be specially trained for these duties. Without training, you cannot expect your employees to be able to professionally respond and operate in a crisis situation.

The following crisis management training courses are offered by Kenyon:

Core Crisis Management Training

Crisis Leadership

Leading in a crisis is different than leading or managing normal business. Normal business is what you are good at, what you expect to happen every day and what you have planned and budgeted for. Crises are different; they are unwanted and unexpected. Kenyon's Crisis Leadership training is designed for managers at all levels to help them make the mental transition from the familiar to the unknown. Key topics will include the importance of communications, understanding team dynamics in a crisis and the decision making process. Download

Crisis Management Center Operations

The corporate center for managing crises is only as good as the team that gathers to lead, communicate and manage resources. This training is for managers. It will assist them to understand the processes necessary to manage a crisis at HQ level and the essential interactions for the success of a recovery operation. Download

Crisis Communications Management

Kenyon's Crisis Communications training courses have been developed to prepare staff at head office or at remote locations to face the news media as a spokesperson for the company after an accident or major incident. By examining case studies, conducting role play exercises and by live camera work, we provide the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform effectively as spokespeople. This course is an intense exposure to the news media's role and the importance of preparation, messaging, technique and timing. The course can be delivered to small groups of managers either as initial or refresher training. It is also suitable for one-to-one training of senior executives or key-spokespersons. Download

Call Center Agent

Many organizations choose to run their own emergency call centers to manage communications to and from concerned family members, staff and the general public following an emergency incident. Building on Kenyon's significant experience of call center operations, this training will assist call agents to understand their responsibilities as 'first-line' responders of the crisis management system. It will focus on the importance of consistency in call handing, data management and on dealing effectively with the many different types of caller. Download

Emergency Response Plan Writing

This training is for emergency response planning staff to help them understand the current best practice for the design, content and management of emergency response plans. At Kenyon, we encourage plans that concentrate on how to do things instead of lists of things that merely state what has to be done. Download

Humanitarian/Family Assistance Center Management

Humanitarian and Family Assistance Centers are central to the provision of care to family members following an accident and often double as a general operations or logistics center for recovery operations. This training will focus on establishing a center and maintaining continuous operations. The training is suitable for those management and supervisory staff that will plan for and activate a center. Delegates will consider the functions of administration, logistics, communications, security and data management and the associated manpower, equipment and finance implications. Download

Humanitarian Assistance Team Member

The core element of any family assistance operation is the Humanitarian Assistance Team. The Kenyon training concentrates on the development of the team 'member' both to care for the needs of their assigned family members while also caring for themselves in difficult and unfamiliar circumstances. Our training also helps delegates to understand their part in the bigger picture of responding to accidents. Download

Humanitarian Assistance Team Management

Leading a Humanitarian Assistance Team requires additional skills and knowledge to ensure that the team members have all of the information, support and encouragement that they require. This Kenyon course will include the selection and training of team members, deployment procedures, administration and data management. Download

Aviation Crisis Management Training

Commercial Aviation - Twelve Principles
This workshop-based training provides the overview and the detail of the full scope and scale of response operations following an aviation accident. It is suitable for all levels of personnel to understand their roles and responsibilities. Download

Airline Response ('Go') Teams

This training, for employee-staffed response teams, will help prepare team members and their management to operate effectively away from home-base. We will follow the chronology of a deployment from first notification to return to normal duties. The training will also help team managers to select suitable team members, prepare internal training and assemble the appropriate deployment equipment. Download

Airline Station Managers

Airline station managers play a vital role in the management of emergencies. They will almost certainly have to act as the senior representative of the airline until they are relieved by support personnel from headquarters. During this time they will have to liaise at all levels, face the news media, prepare and operate crisis facilities, motivate staff and provide care and information for victims and their families. This training will prepare station managers and their support staff to undertake their roles and responsibilities following an accident. Download

Exercises for Aviation Crisis Management

This training has been specifically prepared for single-company use. The aim of the training is to prepare emergency planning staff with the tools, techniques and knowledge to develop, deliver and debrief specialist exercises to rehearse emergency aviation scenarios. The course will consider several different exercise types and the selection criteria to make most efficient use of time and resources. We will also discuss the importance of exercises, funding, essential partnerships, role play, 'rules' and levels of participation. Download