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Aviation & Airports

Since Kenyon was established in 1906, our specialized staff have responded to literally hundreds of aircraft accidents, handling every process from search and recovery of human remains and personal property to repatriation of human remains to their families.

While the whole world understands that the aviation industry is not immune to major catastrophic events, Kenyon specializes in knowing and preparing for as many eventualities as possible. Regardless of the size of the plane and the number of injured and fatalities, there will always be major disruption of service and operation to the airline.

Likewise, airports are not immune from major catastrophic events. Since a majority of plane crashes occur on take-off and landings, there can be a tremendous impact on the airport itself. When an accident occurs at an airport, airport management faces the same challenges as do airlines; they need to care and support victims and persons coming to the airport for information along with gathering and sharing information to the regulatory authorities. Kenyon International has the experience and staff to assist the airport organizations, its employees and the public.

Kenyon works with retained clients and consulting customers to prepare emergency plans, conduct disaster drills and exercises, prepare Go Teams for quick response, conduct live-camera spokesperson training with executives and much more.

In the event of disaster, Kenyon-retained clients need only call one number to activate the agreed-upon Kenyon services, which can include an immediately available multi-language toll-free information line, establishment of a humanitarian or family assistance center, deployment of a seasoned Incident Manager, executive-level crisis communications and legal advisory services and much more.

For more information about services provided for our aviation and airport industry partners, please contact us.