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  • Kenyon Maritime Industry


Maritime disasters and major emergency incidents are not normal events. When a cruise ship, ferry, barge or other vessel has an incident, those involved face the unique difficulties of international maritime laws, affected people from many nationalities, the sheer volume of people that can potentially be affected, to name a few.

Kenyon works with retained clients and consulting customers to prepare emergency plans, conduct disaster drills and exercises, prepare Go Teams for quick response, conduct live-camera spokesperson training with executives and much more.

In the event of disaster, Kenyon-retained clients need only call one number to activate the agreed-upon Kenyon services, which can include an immediately available multi-language toll-free information line, establishment of a humanitarian or family assistance center, deployment of a seasoned Incident Manager, executive-level crisis communications and legal advisory services and much more.

For more information about services provided for our maritime industry partners, please contact us.