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At Kenyon, we believe everyone needs an emergency plan, regardless of your line of business. Everyone has people they need to plan for and take care of.

Kenyon Consulting Services are provided on a project or on an as-needed basis. Fees are based upon the work provided. Kenyon has several standard programs, as well as tailor-made programs which meet individual client needs. Once a project is agreed upon, a project manager is appointed to manage and see the project through completion.

On the other hand, Kenyon Operations Services are available only to "Kenyon Clients." These are businesses or governments that have established a pre-incident relationship and have entered into a retainer contract with Kenyon. The pre-incident agreement allows Kenyon to identify and develop appropriate resources, as well as establish several key decision points before an incident.

Large businesses with many international operations often choose a combination of basic services; the number of services chosen defines the level and cost of plans. These plans range from response to small incidents with few injuries and fatalities to large-scale disasters. Costs are generally borne by the business.

For local or national governments looking to develop and resource full-scale mass fatality plans, Kenyon has developed a complete package of services designed to support health and hospital systems, as well as medical examiner and coroner systems. Packages include planning, training, and response teams.

Emerging markets, smaller businesses and groups also have the option of becoming "Kenyon Clients". Kenyon understands that they may require access to the same services, but at a much smaller scale. Therefore, Kenyon has developed special packages specifically for them.

Kenyon services, while tailored to meet individual needs, revolve around the core business of dealing with injury and loss of life.

In the event of disaster, Kenyon-retained clients need only call one number to activate the agreed-upon Kenyon services, which can include an immediately available multi-language toll-free information line, establishment of a humanitarian or family assistance center, deployment of a seasoned Incident Manager, executive-level crisis communications and legal advisory services and much more.

For more information about available services, please contact us.