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Information Coordination Services

When a disaster happens, emergency response professionals must have accurate information to manage the emergency. Critical data collection systems - and skilled data managers - must be in place to help determine how many lives have been lost, the number of people injured, as well as information to locate missing persons and other vital statistics.

Kenyon's Information Coordination Team collects, coordinates and ensures efficient and effective management of incident information by providing appropriate access and expediting the data to support Kenyon staff and operations in the field, facilitate and appropriately share the information with external clients and agencies, as well as, ensure the incident data’s security at all times.

Kenyon's Information Coordination Team uses Kenyon Response®, an incident data management system designed to assist emergency professionals managing the aftermath of a major catastrophe. This powerful software has the ability to manage data from all aspects of the incident, including information from the Inquiry Center, Family Assistance Center (FAC), Search and Recovery Teams, Missing Persons and Morgue Operations, through the processes of Identification, the release of the deceased to loved ones, repatriation and associated media relations.

For governments facing a catastrophe, Kenyon can provide an Information Coordination Team to manage the surge of data coming in from the field, hospitals, friends and family members, local law enforcement and more. The skilled data managers can work with local agencies to consolidate all data into one spot, giving the clearest picture of what is needed to the incident managers.

For more information on this vital at-need service provided to governments in times of disaster, please contact us.