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Kenyon Response Government Brochure

Kenyon Response Government™ Incident Data Management Software

Kenyon Response Government™ is a powerful mass fatality data management enterprise software package. Using knowledge gained from response to multiple mass fatalities, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, aviation accidents and other incidents, Kenyon software engineers and professional database developers created a suite of tools for Government use.

Kenyon Response Government is the most complete program available today to collect and manage the data needed by government agencies faced with the responsibility of providing a scalable public inquiry center, humanitarian assistance, search, recovery, identification and repatriation of deceased, and an incident management system. This suite of information management and information sharing programs gives government agencies the tools needed to provide all levels of assistance, even across multi agency and multi-jurisdictional levels, including private companies, quickly and professionally.

Kenyon Response Government delivers the following modules in a single package:

Inquiry Center: this module provides a simple scalable solution to quickly and professionally reassign centralized, dispersed or virtual call center agents from answering routine information or assistance calls to initiating, receiving and transferring calls dealing with missing, injured or deceased persons. This module provides clear and easy scripts allowing for uniform information dissemination and includes 17 pre-configured scripts, as well as the ability to create ad hoc scripts, for your immediate response. Data collected from this module automatically feeds in to the Humanitarian Assistance Module to build profiles of callers and people directly affected by the event.

Employee Management: this module provides a single environment to manage full/part time employees and volunteers assigned to specific teams or functions. Users can manage team readiness, training levels, and a variety of specific skills, such as languages spoken, visas held, or readiness status. Individuals, teams and entire groups can immediately be alerted and recalled through the alert and message function. Alert and notifications include SMS to SMS, email-to-email, email to SMS, text to voice and internal system messaging. The system also has the ability to track responses to the alerts. Employee profiles can be loaded from existing human resource programs.

Humanitarian Assistance: this module provides a unified platform for coordinating the response for managing missing, displaced, injured or deceased people; those who have been directly affected by the event. All functions needed when establishing a family assistance or information center are included. It provides an environment to collect and manage information for families and other contacts. Key data such as ante mortem record collection, medical status, contact information, notification and all support provided is recorded. Contacts often include next of kin, specially trained assistance staff or legal representatives. Data is added to the information already fed in automatically from the Inquiry Center Module.

Human Remains Management: this module provides a centralized system to track and manage the related, but separate activities of search and recovery, transport, morgue identification operations, family notifications, release, repatriation and personal effects. This includes specific key tools to help identification managers, medical examiners and coroners quickly identify and release deceased. These tools include features such as 'last known location and recovery locations search and matching', 'ante mortem records collection', and 'identification media recovered with human remains'. This module also includes a robust release and after care functionality for the disposition of human remains including organized mass burials.

Incident Management: this module provides a centralized source of information for the management of any mass fatality, natural disaster, or terrorist attack, including those involving multiple locations, jurisdictions, and operating agencies. The Dashboard provides all levels of managers with upward looking information to keep senior leaders informed. The Dashboard provides multiple critical snapshots in graphical format of key data, so leaders can immediately identify potential choke points, emerging trends and manage them before they become problems.

Included in Kenyon Response Government are 110+ pre-configured reports and forms. Reports provide both detail and summary information. Many reports and the Dashboard provide full detail through drill down functionality. All reports and forms can be printed as blanks for manual use.

Kenyon Response Government is a web-based program, accessed by users through a simple web browser plug in Appeon®. As a web-based program interoperability among different organizations responding to same incident are no longer an issue. Users accessing the software for the first time are prompted to download and install Appeon. Once installed, users access their information via a secure website. By giving your partners a password they can be allowed to enter and/or view information. The Kenyon Response Government™ interface is familiar to any Windows® user. It can be Kenyon hosted, hosted on your servers and for remote environments without web access, hosted and networked locally.

Every organization is different and every crisis unique, so crisis management software should be flexible, it should fit your organization, style and response. Kenyon Response Government includes programing access so that users can easily change, add or delete entry options to any of the 94+ existing tables and drop downs menus.

For those agencies that want to integrate existing management programs, dispatch, GIS systems, human resource systems or other programs, Kenyon will provide access to the overall system code to create a seamless system.

Kenyon Response Government is the most complete program available today to collect and manage the data needed by government when responding to and managing mass fatality events, providing continuity of operations and information flow well beyond the first hours and days. Providing a coordinated response to the people directly affected, families and the public.