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Kenyon Response Media™

Kenyon Response Media™ is a powerful media management enterprise software package. Using knowledge gained from response to brand reputational issues such as aviation accidents, government disaster response and consumer confidence crisis, Kenyon software engineers and professional database developers have created a media management program. This is a suite of tools for those organizations that require the capability to effectively manage a crisis communication program including a media inquiry center, centralized distribution of media releases, and management of media contacts and outreach.

Kenyon Response Media is the most complete set of programs available today for professional organizations to manage the surge in media contacts generated by planned and unplanned events.

Kenyon Response Media delivers the following functionality:

Provides those staff reassigned from other duties, with a pre configured script to answer media related calls. This can be in a structured single environment, from several dispersed locations or a virtual response organization.

During the call, the data collected is entered into a single database, containing key information on the media caller. Information collected includes names, contact information, agency, media type, and most importantly the nature of the inquiry. After collecting and entering information, the staff provides the caller with pre-approved press releases and other relevant information.

The Communications Manager, using the Dashboard and preconfigured reports can easily track media interest by region, media type or nature of the inquiry-identifying key or emerging themes. The Dashboard feature provides multiple critical snapshots in graphical format of key data, so they can immediately identify potential choke points or emerging trends and manage them before they become problems.

Kenyon Response Media is also a tool that communications managers can use for real time monitoring of information collected and disseminated when a third party public relations provider is engaged.

Kenyon Response Media is a web-based program, accessed by users through a simple web browser plug in Appeon®. As a web-based program interoperability among different organizations responding to same incident are no longer an issue. Users accessing the software for the first time are prompted to download and install Appeon. Once installed, users access their information via a secure website. By giving your partners a password they can be allowed to enter and/or view information. The Kenyon Response Commercial™ interface is familiar to any Windows® user. It can be Kenyon hosted, hosted on your servers and for remote environments without web access, hosted and networked locally.