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Chinese Delegates Discuss Aviation Emergency Response

27 October 2013 | Kenyon International Emergency Services

Chinese Airline, Airport and Insurance Representatives visit Kenyon

Kenyon's UK office hosted a delegation of airlines and airports from China together with their insurance broker representatives. The visiting group discussed many aspects of aviation emergency response but were particularly focused on the business aspects associated with reputation protection and criminalization.

This discussion included a session with Sean Gates, Head of Legal Services for Kenyon. Sean considered the specific emergency response legal requirements for foreign air carriers operating into the U.S. He used examples of recent incidents to highlight how some carriers are not compliant with the U.S. laws. Sean further explained the potential legal and financial consequences of non-compliance and encouraged the delegates to check for themselves to minimize this risk.

The following are the first steps toward checking U.S. compliance:

  1. If your airline operates into the U.S., you are required by law to be compliant with '49 USC Part 41313: Foreign Air Carrier Responsibilities (FAA Part 129 Operators)'. This law requires you to make 18 assurances to the U.S. Department of Transportation (a written submission) that you can provide various resources to meet the needs of victims and their families in the aftermath of an accident. The NTSB link to that law is here:

  2. Any airline can check the submission lodged with the DoT by visiting and entering an appropriate search term, usually '(Airline name) Family Assistance Plan'. You should check that the plan held by the DoT truly reflects the reality of your capability to manage an accident in the U.S., at all airports you fly to.

Visiting the Kenyon U.K. facility was valuable to the delegates because they were able to visualize the reality of an aircraft accident and its consequences by talking with people who have a wealth of significant international expertise. One insurance broker noted, "The delegation was very impressed with the introduction to your operations around the world. They found the presentations very informative and have now an appreciation of what Kenyon does and how you operate."

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