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Kenyon Visits UK Universities

1 November 2013 | Kenyon International Emergency Services

Bournemouth University

Robert Rowntree, Kenyon's Director of Operations and Repatriations, spoke at both Nottingham Trent and Bournemouth Universities this month to share practical experience with Graduate students in Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation programs. At both schools, Robert was able to share his extensive experience working disaster and mass casualty events conducting international Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) operations around the world, and put those experiences in a useful, practical light for students - learning how their education will translate to real-world situations.

Robert shared how his work with Kenyon has included coordinating with police teams and local governments, ensuring families are cared for through humanitarian assistance activities, supporting police with Disaster Recovery support and how Kenyon's call center works with the agencies like the Casualty Bureau to share information.

Essentially, evidence collection is just one part of the DVI puzzle. Robert was able to impart to students that what is truly required is the information collected from all areas: from families, government officials, medical professionals, evidence - the combination of all these different sides is what paints the picture and enables victim identification, and most importantly, closure for the families.

When not deployed for an incident, Robert is a Guest Lecturer at a number of UK Universities and continues to share his experience with tomorrow's forensic and investigative professionals. Kenyon International Emergency Services has a strong relationship with UK Universities, including a Memorandum of Understanding with the Higher Education Business Continuity Network (HEBCoN).

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