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Anglia Ruskin Student Visit

11 December 2014 | Bracknell, England

Two groups of students from Anglia Ruskin University recently visited Kenyon International Emergency Services in Bracknell.

The first group of students are in their second year of study on the BSc (hons) Crime and Investigative Studies degree, and have been studying the Mass Disasters module, which serves as an introduction to the field of mass disaster planning and response, covering a range of aspects from what classifies as a mass disaster to planning, management, and preparedness.

At Kenyon, the students learned the complexity of different types of disaster operations from a variety of viewpoints, including expert practitioners dealing with the human remains to those dealing with the victim's families and role of the public services. The students experienced mock disaster scenarios and were expected to take on various roles in order to overcome the challenges they were faced with during the practical sessions.

The practical sessions included guiding the students through various aspects of disaster response including search and recovery, logging of personal effects, completion of Interpol Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) forms for collection of ante mortem and post-mortem information, and other specialist roles (such as odontologists, pathologists, coroners, APTs and Anthropologists).

Engagement on this module provided our students with a myriad of skills essential for post-graduate employment, such as problem solving, using initiative, working under pressure, teamwork, communication, and the ability to learn and adapt when given new information.

This trip to Kenyon provided the students with an opportunity to link together all the information they have learned thus far with real world examples and watch demonstrations of actual kit used in deployments.

The second group are completing their final year of study on the Forensic Science degree. As part of a module on Forensic Anthropology and Human Identification, they had the opportunity to visit experts at Kenyon to gain real insights into mass disaster response and what is involved.

Both groups thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would like to pass on their thanks to VP of Operations Robert Rowntree and the staff at Kenyon for allowing them to visit and for taking time out of their busy schedules in order to accommodate them.

When not deployed for an incident, Robert Rowntree is a Guest Lecturer at a number of UK Universities and continues to share his experience with tomorrow's forensic and investigative professionals. Kenyon International Emergency Services has a strong relationship with UK Universities, including a Memorandum of Understanding with the Higher Education Business Continuity Network (HEBCoN). For more information on these programs, please contact us.

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