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Robert Jensen Presents at ATOC Social Media Conference

17 March 2014 | Kenyon International Emergency Services

Robert A. Jensen at ATOC Social Media Conference

Kenyon's CEO, Robert A. Jensen, shared a presentation on "Human Aspects - the Need for Sensitivity" at the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) Conference on Social Media on March 17 in Central London. Attendees included communications and emergency response professionals from various train operators as well public relations agency representatives and more.

Mr. Jensen's goal was to deliver a presentation that bridges the communication and humanitarian factors in a crisis and convey the need for a seamlessly integrated response.

The presentation included key takeaways that companies in any industry might consider when planning their social media or traditional media response to a crisis:

  • Have a strategy in place, and practice it before you need it. This means working with other departments including communications, IT, legal, and executives to create a cohesive plan.
  • React quickly. Because you've practiced, you're ready to lead the message rather than react to it.
  • When considering your message, use simple language, not corporate legal-ease. Don't edit the human emotion out of your message.
  • Make an effort to understand the emotional impact of the event when moving forward with business continuity.

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