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Exercise Lisbon 2014 with HiFly

29 May 2014 | Lisbon, Portugal

Kenyon Senior Associate Mike Seear travelled to Lisbon, Portugal, to conduct a realistic emergency response exercise using an input-response simulation concept with Portuguese carrier HiFly which is ground-handled by National Aviation Services (NAS) at Jeddah International Airport.

The exercise kicked off with two extensive briefings for the Exercise Control staff and then most of the exercise players on 28 May.

Prior to the start of the exercise on 29 May, Mike provided a final briefing describing the opening scenario: a major emergency with a HiFly Airbus 330-322 at Jeddah. The fictitious aircraft, which had flown from London Gatwick Airport, was on a wet-lease contract to the Saudi Arabian carrier Flynas (link to which is headquartered at Riyadh.

The exercise lasted five hours. Midway through, there was a secondary scenario briefing and simulated ‘time-jump’ of twenty-five hours so that HiFly could carry out a (simulated) deployment of its Go Team from Lisbon to Jeddah in order to set up an Incident Management Centre.

The scenario continued to evolve rapidly and created many challenges for the exercise players. In addition, it tested the HiFly Emergency Response Plan and airline’s Head Office emergency response facilities in Lisbon.

Flynas also participated with a planned, scaled-down manning of its Riyadh Head Office Crisis Communications Centre. In addition, HiFly included its satellite Operations Control Centre at Jeddah in the exercise.

Two Kenyon staff provided exercise inputs from the Kenyon Emergency Operations Centre at Bracknell, UK.

This ‘hands-on’ training provided an excellent opportunity to test out multiple ‘communication interfaces’ and exercise an essential ‘joint operational’ concept which is so vital for an effective emergency response.

A short press conference and thorough exercise debriefing completed a hectic day. At the end of the exercise, the HiFly Crisis Management Team Leader described Exercise Lisbon 14 as ‘an extraordinary experience’.

For more information on conducting your own emergency response exercises, read the excellent article, "Lights, Camera, Action" by Kenyon VP of Commercial Services, Jerry Allen, in the January 2014 Client Newsletter.

To schedule an emergency response exercise with Kenyon, please contact us

Participants from HiFly conduct an update meeting in the Crisis Management Center (CMC).

Time zones were continuously an issue during the exercise - a good reflection of the small details that can create problems in a real crisis.

Visual communications with Flynas in Riyadh assisted the response coordination.

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