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New Italian Guidance on Family Assistance

1 December 2014 - Bracknell, UK

On 8 Oct 2014, Ente Nazionale Per L’Aviazione Civile (ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority) released circular GEN 05, outlining Italy’s national plan to assist aircraft accident victims and their families.

Kenyon International Emergency Services’ standards and service offerings fully comply with both the policy and the spirit of GEN 05, which was created following EU Regulation 996/2010 and ICAO Doc 9998.

For reference, ICAO Doc 9998, “Assistance to Aircraft Accident Victims and their Families,” and its earlier versions were the reference source for the EU Regulation 996/2010, Article 21, “Assistance to the victims of air accidents and their relatives,” which requires member EU states to “…establish a civil aviation accident emergency plan. These plans shall also cover assistance to the victims of civil aviation accident and their relatives.” ENAC GEN 05 is the national Italian plan that meets the requirements of EU 996.

ENAC GEN 05 and the publications of similar national plans elsewhere in Europe are compliant with EU996 and ICAO9998. There are no additional requirements placed on Italian national organizations by ENAC GEN 05 other than those contained in the existing ICAO and EU regulations and policies.

For the full text of ENAC GEN 05 in Italian, please click here.

For a summary of the circular in Italian and English, please click here.

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