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Crisis Communications Workshop

8 July 2015 - Frankfurt, Germany

Jerry Allen, Kenyon's Vice President of Commercial Services, recently conducted a half-day Crisis Communications workshop in Seeheim near Frankfurt. The workshop was part of the Disaster Management conference organized by Albatros, the broker in Lufthansa’s insurance group.

The conference was attended by 40 airline staff representing 26 companies. Mr. Allen and his colleague, Kenyon Account Manager James Ayling, delivered a short seminar on the scope and scale of communications in a crisis using recent incidents to provide context.

The majority of the workshop consisted of a 3-hour interactive communications exercise involving all delegates. Teams were established representing the major players in the accident scenario, such as airline, media, legal, and investigators. Each team had to prepare multiple traditional and digital communications from their own perspective and also to coordinate messages with the other parties.

The event culminated in a very lively multi-party press conference. One of the airline delegates commented, “I’m exhausted. I can’t believe the time passed so quickly. It was such a lesson in the importance of communicating with other involved agencies."

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