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Family Assistance Exercise with Emirates

23 February 2015 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

To exercise its local family assistance arrangements, Emirates recently conducted the simulation of a full-scale Family Assistance Center at a major hotel. The Emirates team included specially-trained staff assigned to multiple logistical and organizational tasks, as well as those charged with direct care for family members.

Kenyon's role in the exercise was to build the scenario and injects for the exercise and facilitate the day's events. During the full-day exercise, the Emirates staff were exposed to the reality of the first chaotic hours of a family assistance operation and the myriad challenges that would require their attention.

Kenyon Vice President Jerry Allen commented, "This was a very realistic drill. We included in the exercise many of the situations that we have experienced from previous real incidents. The Emirates team did a great job. They are well resourced and totally committed to helping those involved."

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