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Input-Response Simulation Exercise

1 September 2015 | Montreal, Canada

In early September, Kenyon conducted a crisis management input-response simulation exercise for Nolinor Aviation. The exercise was held at the Nolinor Aviation headquarters at Mirabel Airport, Montreal, Canada.

Kenyon Associate Mike Seear wrote and directed the project, creating Kenyon's most complex exercise to date, with a main input list of over 120 pages. Kenyon associates Ellen Veim and Sue Warner-Bean were integral as field observers and exercise control coordinators, capturing critical pieces of information for learning purposes and ensuring effective timing for the onslaught of inputs. Additionally, the Kenyon team produced and used an exercise website to simulate the surge of traditional and social media following an incident, bringing the exercise to life with a heightened sense of intensity.

Observers and participants from Nolinor were very pleased with the effort, and most importantly, identified areas where coordination between the airline and its partners could be immediately strengthened.

The Kenyon Exercise Team in front of a Convair aircraft at Nolinor Aviation, Miracle Airport, Montreal. Pictured are: Pierre Dore, Nolinor Aviation Production Manager; Ellen Veim, Kenyon Exercise Control Coordinator; Mike Seear, Kenyon Exercise Director and Observer Nolinor Emergency Response Team; Sue Warner-Bean, Kenyon Observer Nolinor Field Team; and Yves Bergeron, Nolinor Aviation Director of Flight Operations.

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