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Special Assistance Team Training with Aer Lingus

21-24 April 2015 - Dublin, Ireland

This April, Kenyon Associate Dr. Eline Schotsmans facilitated two two-day Special Assistance Team (SAT) training sessions for Aer Lingus staff in Dublin, Ireland. The two groups of SAT volunteers, led by Emergency Response Manager Jim Rogers, had a high level of knowledge about emergency response and a high level of enthusiasm.

The participating SAT members came from different roles within Aer Lingus: station managers, human resources, experienced cabin crew, customer care, ground operations, base supervisors, and more.

The group brought with them their own personal airline emergency response experiences including 9/11, the ash cloud, Hurricane Sandy, and the Cork airport crash, adding first-hand knowledge to the excellent instruction and very recent real-world experiences of Dr. Schotsmans.

The Aer Lingus staff was impressive in their role play efforts - taking on the roles of not just SAT members, but also family members and experts conducting family briefings. Dr. Schotsmans shared that the Aer Lingus team was, "a motivated, enthusiastic group of people who will be great SAT members during an incident."

For more information about setting up your own SAT member training and exercises, please contact your Kenyon Account Manager or email

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