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Aerolineas Ejecutivas Receives Kenyon’s Commercial Aviation 12 Principles Training

January 26 2016 | Toluca, Mexico

Irma Alcazar, Kenyon’s Central and South America Customer Care Specialist based in Mexico City, Mexico, presented the 12 Principles of Aviation Crisis Management to members of Aerolineas Ejecutivas in Toluca, Mexico this January.

The one-day training session is designed for clients to gain a broader understanding of how and why the aviation community should respond to an incident; understand the aviation community’s responsibilities and how they can assist during an incident.

Kenyon experts like Irma demonstrate to industry leaders, like Aerolineas Ejecutivas, first-hand lessons learned in crisis management along with creating a proactive culture within the aviation industry, where the focus is on addressing issues and concerns in advance of an incident.

New challenges have come to the forefront of aviation emergency operations including: criminalization, risk management, crisis communications, data management, insurance settlements, strong leadership, and long-term business continuity. These principles were presented in the one-day interactive training course helping each of the Aerolineas Ejecutivas participants navigate the path to a robust and well-informed crisis management program.

Known for offering best in class executive business aviation services, an attitude and willingness to care and satisfy their customers, Aerolineas Ejecutivas has become the competent and reliable company of choice for leaders throughout Latin America for over 45 years.

To learn more about the Commercial Aviation 12 Principles course and how it can complement your existing emergency plan, please email or contact any of the Kenyon worldwide offices.

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