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Corendon Airlines and Kenyon Team Up for Three Days of Training

2 – 4 October 2017 | Antalya, Turkey

Kenyon was happy to partner with Corendon Airlines, a Kenyon client of several years, for three full days of crisis management training.

On day one, Kenyon Associate David Herriman led participants in Crisis Management Center (CMC) management and operations training. The group consisted of over 20 Corendon staff members, most of whom worked at the management level from all three sections of the company. Corendon is headquartered in Antalya, Turkey and further comprised of two sister companies: Corendon Dutch in the Netherlands and Corendon Europe, which has its base in Malta but its administrative office is located in Tel Aviv. Teams traveled from Malta and Tel Aviv, as well as representatives from the Netherlands.

The majority of the group played roles within the CMC and worked through practical examples to ensure that the problems faced were well understood. In the afternoon, Herriman led a Table Top Exercise that simulated an accident on one of Corendon’s routes. The group was split into two teams and various updates to the basic crash scenario were fed in. Possible actions were discussed following the added inputs, allowing both teams to share their ideas and comments.

Days two and three centered on a Special Assistance Team (SAT) Member training that involved 20 attendees who volunteered for the training. Most involved were Corendon cabin crew, as well as personnel from Human Resources and their Safety Department. Corendon also proposed to include several previously trained SAT members to assist and provide local knowledge. First, participants learned the reasoning behind family assistance concepts and their importance in crisis response, including a lot of information about how accidents tend to be managed. David Herriman shared the importance of being able to supply families with information and the differences in the roles of the many players. Based on experience from previous events and responses, Herriman gave special emphasis to the running of the Family Assistance Center, as this area can be misunderstood.

The focus of the second day of SAT training was how to effectively manage the needs of the families and friends of persons directly affected and behavioral issues. All training attendees were asked to take part in an exercise, which simulated family members meeting SATs. This exercise, although quite difficult for the attendees, especially as English was not their first language, proved very useful. Herriman led discussions on post-deployment and shared practical examples from Kenyon’s past.

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