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Kam Air Partners with Kenyon for Crisis Management Training

31 July 2018 | Kabul, Afghanistan

Crisis Management Training with Kam Air and Robert A. Jensen

Since 2003, Kam Air has worked diligently to establish a fully operational passenger airline in Afghanistan and is the first privately owned company there to have successfully done so. As part of this effort, Kenyon was honored to be chosen as their emergency response partners; Kenyon was thus invited to conduct its 12 Principles of Aviation Crisis Management workshop for Kam Air in Kabul last month. This training module was developed to meet the needs of aviation professionals by providing a detailed overview of the full scope and scale of response operations following an aviation accident, helping ensure participants can provide an effective and efficient response effort.

Crisis Management Training with Kam Air

It was clear from the start of the workshop that attendees were eager to learn. While this specific training typically hosts a maximum of 25 participants, it was expanded to include the 38 Kam Air employees who wished to attend. Those who participated had professional backgrounds at all levels of the airline industry, from entry-level to executive. The training goals were multi-faceted but included:

  • Understanding how and why they should respond to an incident.
  • Gaining knowledge regarding their responsibilities during an incident.
  • Learning firsthand lessons in crisis management.
  • Obtaining the ability to create a proactive culture where the focus is on addressing issues and concerns well before an incident occurs.
  • Developing the skills to build constructive relationships with stakeholders to promote accountability.

  • Due to the success of the workshop, Kam Air has elected to conduct a follow-up visit to our Bracknell office for a three-day workshop where, together, we will review and further finesse their Emergency Response Plan.

    Crisis Management Training with Kam Air

    Kenyon is proud to support clients across the globe and particularly in this region where we support so many of its carriers. At Kenyon we are very familiar with moving around conflict and post-conflict regions and working closely with so many different cultures. Our staff and associates are able to navigate the travel requirements needed to accomplish what we thrive on most: helping our clients develop their Emergency Response Plans, train their staff, and prepare to confidently and capably manage the consequences of a crisis. To learn more about scheduling Kenyon’s 12 Principles of (Aviation and Non-Aviation) Crisis Management courses, or one of the many other courses we have that fully satisfy IOSA requirements, please contact your Account Manager.

    Crisis Management Training with Kam Air

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