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Kenyon In The News

15 April 2019 House of Mystery True Crime History Radio Show
The House of Mystery True Crime History Radio Show sat down with Kenyon Chairman Robert A. Jensen to talk all things Kenyon and Crisis Management. Listen to the interview to find out more.

9 April 2019 Business Leaders Podcast
Find out what Kenyon Chairman Robert A. Jensen believes is the biggest mistake businesses can make, how the news can affect viewers' perceptions of and sensitivity to disasters, how being a leader is both a “privilege and a burden” and more in this in-depth interview with Business Leaders Podcast.

29 October 2018 Insurance Day
Kenyon's Robert A. Jensen highlights why insurers need to start dealing more humanely with aviation disasters in the latest issue of Insurance Day.

11 September 2018 Buzzfeed
Buzzfeed's Nidhi Prakash continues to report on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico with Kenyon's Robert A. Jensen offering insight into the ramifications of delayed or denied funeral assistance and what it means for the families of the deceased.

13 July 2018 Regional International Magazine
Kenyon’s Robert A. Jensen shares his reflections on readiness and response and tips for the best response in ERA’s latest issue of Regional International magazine.

29 May 2018 Buzzfeed
In a follow up story on the undercounted death toll in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, Buzzfeed's Nidhi Prakash reached out to Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen for his thoughts on a new Harvard study’s death toll estimate and the disaster relief efforts since the hurricane hit.

13 April 2018 The Telegraph
Journalist Sally Williams recently covered what became of Grenfell Tower survivors and Kenyon’s role in their property recovery. Gain a better understanding of the fire’s impact in her article.

27 March 2018 Regional International Magazine
As part of welcoming Kenyon as one of its newest members, the ERA sat down with Kenyon Vice President, Commercial Services Conor Prendergast for a little question and answer.

28 January 2018 Times of Malta
Kenyon Associate Director, Crisis Communications Donald Steel discusses crisis situations and how to prepare for them.

17 December 2017 BBC Radio 4
In a Whistledown production for BBC Radio 4, Faisal Metalsi, delves into the future of Grenfell Tower and talks to those involved in the recovery operations, including Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen.

17 November 2017 The Herald
Find out how Kenyon assisted with reuniting Grenfell Tower survivor with their personal possessions via The Herald.

16 November 2017 ITV
ITV explores Grenfell Tower and the thousands of personal possessions salvaged. Read more to discover how Kenyon aided with the personal effects recovery.

9 November 2017 eTurboNews
eTurboNews’ Juergen T. Steinmetz highlights insightful moments from the International Travel Crisis Management Summit. Discover what leading travel and tourism professionals are doing to better handle crises.

1 November 2017 Get West London
Get West London covers the personal effects recovery status for Grenfell Tower and how Kenyon is supporting salvage efforts.

29 October 2017 Buzzfeed News
Learn what key insights Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen offered Buzzfeed regarding the crisis in Puerto Rico and discover why an accurate body count is so important.

29 October 2017 Daily Mail
Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen shares his thoughts with Daily Mail’s Megan Sheets in her coverage of Puerto Rico’s death toll.

19 September 2017 Times of Oman
Learn how Oman Air successfully tested their emergency response plans and procedures with support from Kenyon.

4 August 2017 iNews
Learn more about Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen and Kenyon's personal effects recovery efforts for Grenfell Tower in Sam Masters’ feature for iNews.

3 May 2017 ETB Travel News
Professor and ETB Travel News Contributor David Beirman, PhD, shares his thoughts on Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen and his keynote speech at the WTTC Global Summit.

25 April 2017 Communication Director Magazine
Learn how social media has played a role in the evolution of crisis communications response via Kenyon's Associate Director, Crisis Communications Donald Steel’s article in Communication Director Magazine.

8 March 2017 Free Malaysia Today News
Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen explains the actions Malaysia Airlines should have taken after MH370’s disappearance

15 February 2017 PEAR Insights Magazine
Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen explains real world preparations in his article for PEAR Insights Magazine. Follow the link and learn how you can organize and prepare for any crisis.

24 January 2017 Travel Weekly
David Cameron will speak at WTTC Summit in Bangkok where Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen will act as keynote

24 January 2017 Tourism Travel Vacation
David Cameron will address WTTC Summit in Bangkok where Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen will act as keynote.

21 December 2016
Learn more about what it takes to recover from disaster. GQ's Lauren Larson takes readers on a tour of Kenyon's offices and staff in this in depth article.

20 December 2016 Newser
Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen makes sense of the aftermath following disasters.

1 December 2016 Commercial Appeal
Long-time Kenyon Team Member Dr. Ben Figura accepts appointment as Director to the West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center in Memphis.

1 November 2016
Kenyon’s Associate Director of Crisis Communications Donald Steel sits down with P World to talk crisis management and planning.

20 October 2016 Travel Weekly
Kenyon’s CEO Robert Jensen shares key insights on crisis management preparation at Travel Weekly’s latest Business Breakfast.

25 March 2016 Wired
Kenyon’s Associate Director of Crisis Communications Donald Steel shares crisis management insights regarding the recent privacy dispute between the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation and Apple.

14 March 2016
Reuters UK journalist Sarah Young visited Kenyon’s Bracknell facility to learn more about our services and experience.

1 January 2016 CorpComms Magazine
Helen Dunne, Editor/Publisher of CorpComms Magazine sat down with Robert Jensen to learn more about Kenyon’s mission.

December 2015 Insight Magazine
Robert Jensen sits down with Richard Croasdale of Insight Magazine, the voice independent funeral directors, to talk about Kenyon’s work around the world.

30 September 2015 Huffington Post
Huffington Post contributor Kosta Petrov interviewed Kenyon Crisis Communications Associate Director Donald Steel for insights into managing a crisis in today’s media.

23 September 2015 BBC Berkshire
Anne Diamond of BBC Berkshire sat down with Robert Jensen to discuss Kenyon’s history, deployment capabilities and recent operations.

12 September 2015 - The Telegraph
From the UK to the US to France, Sally Williams from The Telegraph spent a few months with Robert Jensen and various Kenyon teams to share this extensive story about who Kenyon is and why we do what we do.

28 August 2015 – contributor Carl Bialik speaks with Robert Jensen about Hurricane Katrina and the facts that are still unknown ten years after the storm.

4 Aug 2015 BBC World News
Robert Jensen, CEO of Kenyon International Emergency Services, discusses the piece of aircraft wing recovered from Reunion and the possible implications for both the investigation and the families affected by missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

8 June 2015 Express and Star
Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen sheds light on recovery efforts following Germanwings Airbus 320 crash.

2 July 2015
Kenyon Vice President spoke at a Crisis Management event hosted by the Institution of Occupation Safety and Health's (IOSH) Aviation and Aerospace Group at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

March/April 2015 Regional International
Kenyon’s Sean Gates, (Senior Vice President of Legal Advisory Services) writes for the March Issue of European Regional Airlines magazine, Regional International about the role of the insurer, and the need for airlines to engage and manage the insurance response as part of an overall effective crisis management program. Great information on legal requirements and the ramifications of allowing others to managing your response.

1 March 2015 Airline Business
Aimée Turner of's Airline Business interviewed Robert Jensen and other industry leaders for insights into how social media is transforming the airline industry's response to crisis situations.

30 December 2014 Wall Street Journal
Enda Curran speaks with Robert Jensen about the implications of different international insurance treaties affecting possible compensation for the families of AirAsia Flight 8501.

30 December 2014
Robert Jensen spoke with Marketplace regarding the possibility of varied insurance compensation for the AirAsia families. Download the audio clip in MP3 format.

21 September 2014 City Press
Following a disastrous church collapse in Lagos, Nigeria, experts including Kenyon’s CEO Robert Jensen comment on the complicated process of recovering and repatriating the deceased.

28 July 2014 Bloomberg Surveillance
Sean Gates sits down with Tom Keene, Olivia Sterns and Adam Johnson of Bloomberg Surveillance on Bloomberg TV to discuss recent aviation accidents including Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and their effect on aviation insurance.

25 July 2014 CNN Newsroom
Robert Jensen, CEO of Kenyon International Emergency Services, was interviewed by Brooke Baldwin of CNN Newsroom to discuss the recovery of the deceased persons from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 and the job ahead for forensic specialists in the Netherlands.

22 July 2014 Quest Means Business, CNN International
Robert Jensen, CEO of Kenyon International Emergency Services, is interviewed by Richard Quest on Quest Means Business to discuss the investigation and recovery of the deceased persons from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

18 July 2014 Financial Times
Kenyon's Senior Vice President of Legal Advisory Services Sean Gates was interviewed by Alistair Gray of Financial Times discussing the the possibility of rising insurance premiums for Aviation companies following recent disasters.

17 June 2014 Insurance Day
Kenyon CEO Robert Jensen discusses managing disaster in the air, on land, and at sea with Insurance Day's Global Markets Editor, Rasaad Jamie.

25 April 2014 CorpComms Magazine
Andrew Cave of CorpComms Magazine investigates how companies should respond in a crisis when there is nothing that can be said with insights from Kenyon CEO Robert Jensen and Kenyon Associate Director of Crisis Communications, Donald Steel.

17 April 2014
Finding human remains from Malaysian jet could be more likely the further down the plane sunk - Erik Ortiz of NBC News interviews Robert Jensen.

31 March 2014 Open Exchange, CNBC Africa
Kenyon Senior Vice President of Legal Services Sean Gates comments on investigation, legal and compensation issues related to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in an interview with Open Exchange on CNBC Africa.

26 March 2014 Sky News
Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen is interviewed by Andrew Wilson of Sky News for comment on the crisis management and crisis communications offered by Malaysia Airlines during the search for missing flight MH370.

26 March 2014 CNBC Africa
Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen is interviewed by CNBC Africa for comment on the crisis management and crisis communications offered by Malaysia Airlines during the search for missing flight MH370 and the potential quantitative impact of the reputational damage to the airline.

26 March 2014 BBC News Asia
Interview begins at 2:18. Kenyon CEO Robert Jensen is interviewed by Sharanjit Leyl of BBC News Asia Business Report for comment on the crisis management exhibited by Malaysia Airlines during the search for flight MH370.

21 March 2014 PRWeek UK
Jonathan Tilley of PRWeek UK asks experts including Kenyon CEO Robert Jensen to comment on Malaysia Airlines' crisis management so far.

18 March 2014 Condé Nast Traveler
Barbara Peterson from Condé Nast Traveler examines an airline's responsibility to affected family members following the loss of an aircraft. Insights from Kenyon Crisis Communications Associate Jerry Hendin.

13 March 2014 CBCNews | World
CBC News' Amber Hildebrandt takes a look at Malaysia Airlines crisis response during the first two weeks of the disappearance of flight MH370. Insights provided by Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen.

8 March 2014 NBC News
NBC News' Brian Alexander discusses the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act of 1996 and how modern airlines use partners like Kenyon to meet the needs of families following a crisis.

26 February 2014 APNewsBreak
APNewsBreak by Justin Pritchard with comments from Robert A. Jensen regarding the $500,000 fine imposed on Asiana by the US DOT following their failure to adhere to U.S. laws governing family assistance following an aircraft accident.

26 February 2014
Robert A. Jensen is quoted in Bloomberg's article by Justin Bachman regarding the fine imposed on Asiana by the US Department of Transportation.

January 8, 2014 Agencia Angola Press
Agencia Angola Press reports that families of deceased Angolans will receive information regarding identification, repatriation, memorials and compensation.

December 3, 2013 New Era Newspaper
Via New Era Newspaper in Namibia, details of LAM Flight TM470

December 1, 2013 AirTransportWorld
AirTransportWorld report: Recovery teams arrive in Namibia bound for LAM crash site.

November 12, 2013 The New York Times
Following Typhoon Haiyan and the resulting devastation, Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen shares mass casualty experience with The New York Times’ Rick Gladstone: "As the Living Receive Aid, Bodies Remain Uncollected in the Philippines.”

September 25, 2013 USA Today
Continued insight into the federal investigation of air carriers' adherence to the 1996 Family Assistance Act. USA Today's Nancy Trejos interviewed Kenyon's Robert Jensen for comment on the ongoing inquiry.

September 25, 2013 Associated Press NewsBreak
AP Transportation reporter Justin Pritchard interviews Robert A. Jensen as part of a full investigation into whether air carriers are adhering to the 1996 Family Assistance Act.

September 16, 2013 Bangkok Post
Robert Jensen discusses crisis management best practices following a Thai Airways (Flight TG679) runway accident.

April 1, 2013 Modern Luxury Houston
Modern Luxury's Dan Oko interviews Kenyon CEO Robert Jensen and gives a great overview of Kenyon International Emergency Services.

February 19, 2013 Insurance Day
Robert A. Jensen provides an analysis of some recent emergencies and the lessons learned from the response. He also considers the respective roles of the affected company, national agencies, insurance companies and specialist response companies like Kenyon and argues that there is no substitute for preparation and planning.

December 2012 IATA's Airlines International Special Report: "Read the Small Print"
Robert Jensen and Sean Gates discuss the need for better understanding of the financial implications of a crisis and the importance of practicing the financial management piece of crisis management in advance of an incident.

December 2012 AFRAA CEOs' Brief
Robert Jensen explains some of the unknown aspects of aviation insurance and encourages airline CEOs to become engaged with the insurance process pre-incident so that their airlines can respond more efficiently.

April 2012, Regional International - Journal of The European Regions Airline Association
An article by Kenyon Crisis Communications Associate Donald Steel, discussing the ways in which Social Media can be used to communicate in a crisis.

January 19, 2012 Insurance Day
In an interview with Insurance Day, Sean Gates talks about challenges for insurers when airlines are more focused on defending their reputations than disposing claims inexpensively

October 28, 2010 Midweek Newspaper
Kenyon to Host Emergency Management Workshop at the University of Cairo.

September 1, 2010 The Associated Press
The Associated Press has published a story titled “Facebook page leads search for loved ones in Haiti” which mentions Kenyon’s recovery work at Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (page six)

August 24, 2010 Air Transport News
Air Transport News featured a story on Kenyon’s new Emergency Management Discussion Board.

July 9, 2010
Baggage of Air India Express Flight Crash Victims Identified

May 25, 2010 Arabian
Kenyon Team Helps in Air India Incident

May 23, 2010 The Hindu
Kenyon Deploys to India to Air India Incident

May 19, 2010 NOS News
Kenyon Organizes Family Assistance Center at Air Afriqiyah Incident

April 16, 2010
Kenyon Deploys to Air Afriqiyah Incident

January 19, 2010 -BBC
Kenyon International Mention in Haiti Update Story

January 15, 2010 Houston Chronicle
Kenyon Prepares to Deploy Advance Team to Haiti

January 13, 2010 Houston Chronicle
Robert Jensen on Challenges Facing Search and Rescue Teams in Haiti

November 2009
Kenyon International Survey Reveals 60% of Airlines Do Not Train Public Relations Staff Outside Headquarters Regularly

August 2009 - Regional International ERA Magazine
The sensitive return of personal effects

August, 2009 - Airways Magazine
Profile of Robert Jensen

June 4, 2009 - South African Star
Robert Jensen discuses the investigation of Air France Flight 447

April 27, 2009 - The Houston Chronicle Newspaper
The Houston Chronicle Newspaper writes a tribute news story remembering Kenyon’s John Warren.

March 2009- London Times
Kenyon International President Robert A. Jensen contributes an article in the London Times, titled “Consequence Management”

February 2009 - Airline
Kenyon International comments on the internet website “Twitter” and its impact on Crisis Communication during an airline disaster.

February 2009 - AME Info
AME Info in the UAE profiles the Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO) and Kenyon’s Emergency Planning and Response Workshop in Bahrain

February 2009 - Trade Arabia Business News (Bahrain)
Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO) and Kenyon International Emergency Services Host Emergency Planning and Response Workshop in Bahrain

January 2009 - Wings Magazine (Africa)
Kenyon and the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) recently held a workshop on emergency planning and response