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London, November 11, 2014 – Kenyon Senior Vice President and aviation legal expert Sean Gates has worked with the insurance market to secure new financial protection for criminalization related to aviation accidents. Arranged with the Lloyds market through Lloyds Brokers via Russell White Marine Limited, it is now possible for aviation companies to secure financial protection and access the best expertise to deal with criminalization issues related to aviation accidents.

Kenyon has always advised clients to have proper insurance coverage for response. This has included coverage for defense of criminal prosecution. However, the policies available for that coverage have been very limited and often did not cover employees below the director level, and would typically only kick in after the completion of the accident investigation. Unfortunately, the investigations are often completed well after the criminal prosecution has begun. Mr. Gates has worked with the market to make a better policy available.

Planning for the contingency of an accident is part of the emergency response program; and planning for the possibility of criminal prosecutions should be a vital part of the plan. For more information, please read a full article here:

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