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Houston, April 12, 2014 – At the request of an African-based aviation client specializing in humanitarian operations, Kenyon International Emergency Services activated the Crisis Communications service on 12 April 2014. On April 11th, a flight was on approach to landing at Moussoro, Chad, when the pilot noticed a motorcyclist on the runway in the path of the aircraft. The pilot took immediate avoiding action and safely landed the aircraft. The motorcyclist was critically injured and taken to the hospital. The passengers and crew of the plane disembarked the aircraft safely.

Kenyon’s Crisis Communications Associate Directors Kevin Johnston and Linden Birns provided expert advice to the client company’s executives on communication best practices. Operations Director Robert Rowntree provided expert advice on ways the client could best support the family of the injured person. The aviation company acted quickly and responsibly, placing priority on safety and compassion for the injured and his family.

About Kenyon International Emergency Services, Inc.
Kenyon is the international leader in worldwide disaster management, providing pre-incident crisis planning and post-emergency response services on behalf of the world’s foremost companies. Privately owned, Kenyon remains the only firm in its business with a hundred year history, comprehensive resources, and experience in every type of mass fatality accident including aviation, industrial and natural disasters, war and terror attacks. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Kenyon has offices and facilities in Sydney, Australia; Bracknell, UK; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and Beirut, Lebanon.

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