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Kenyon's CEO and Associate Director to Present in London at CorpComms

Houston, May 16, 2016 - Kenyon International Emergency Services’ CEO, Robert A. Jensen and Associate Director of Crisis Communications, Donald Steel, are part of a remarkable line-up of speakers at the upcoming 2016 CorpComms Conference on 15 June in London.

Jensen’s “Crossing the Bridge: The Human Response to a Crisis,” will focus on the need for crisis management, legal and communications teams to work together to ensure survivors and families are treated with respect, rather than as the recipients of legally worded responses drawn up to limit liability. Emphasizing success strategies, Jensen will share how to avoid failing survivors and families by acknowledging what has happened – simple and straightforward, showing compassion, concern and human kindness without caveats or limitations, and providing practical information to those impacted.

Drawing on a real-life incident where an aircraft crashed on approach at the San Francisco International Airport, Steel, an international crisis communicator and former BBC chief spokesman, will present “How Social Media Dictates the Pace” — the importance of retaining control of the narrative in an era where the pace is driven by social media.

“Survivors and families rarely blame the companies for an accident at the outset, but will begin to change their opinions when information is sparse and support is minimal. It’s really not what has occurred but rather the direct and indirect consequences of what has happened,” stated Jensen.

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